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17: Mental Health Wife | Gillian

This conversation is with my friend Gillian, who I met on social media.  Yes!  You can make connections and legit friends via the interwebs.  I was drawn to her...

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16: Why We Chose to Homeschool | Elizabeth

This conversation is with my friend Elizabeth and it was so, SO much fun to catch up with her. Elizabeth and I went to high school together (and grade...

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15: Becoming A Serial Entrepreneur | Wayne

This week I’m chatting with Wayne — I met Wayne on another podcast I produce, which is why I was already familiar with some of his stories.  Wayne is someone...

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14: Embracing Our Feely Selves | Nōn

Does anyone else have an issue being honest about how they are?  About naming their feelings?  Even just being honest with yourself.  I have this knee jerk idea that...

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13: What Does It Mean to be Human? | Jen

This is the first episode I’ve released since I took my break!  And I thought it only fitting that it was a conversation with my mentor, New York Times...

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12: Living My Joy | Gina

So, I’m at this Mardi Gras party – In St. Louis, not the real deal.  But, did you know St. Louis has a pretty big Mardi Gras celebration?  It...

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