09: The Body Positive Movement | Serena

These show notes are not only the place where I summarize the conversation on the podcast, but also where I attempt to be as authentic and honest as possible about the conversation; why I wanted to explore it or how it relates to my life or what I learned from it.  And, I have to tell you, this has been the most difficult one to write yet.  I’m easily on my 8th or 9th draft.  I’m still unpacking all of it, but I think there are a few reasons.  One, I’m still figuring out my own issues around body image and I imagine I will be for years to come.  Two, I’ve been a straight sized person – this is a term I learned in this conversation – my whole life and I’ve had a difficult time grappling with how that fits into delivering this message.  Lastly, I have so much more to learn about this.  I did some research after this conversation and…man…the roots run very deep.

Okay, let me back up here and tell you, I’m chatting with Serena, the founder of The Intro To Body Posi movement and this revolves around The Body Positive Movement. I actually came into this thinking the body positive movement was more a segment of self-love, but that isn’t it; it centers around the marginalization of people in larger bodies and the prevalence of fat phobia in our society. And the more I learn about this, the more I realize I have so much more to learn. 

There seems to be this general consensus that fatness can be controlled, so why doesn’t someone in a larger body just…control themselves or try harder to fit into some image our society has decided someone should be. This sentiment comes up when people talk about addicts too.  That’s even displayed when people discuss whether or not addiction is a disease; if it is a disease, addiction is more acceptable because it can’t be controlled, but if it is not classified as a disease, but rather a choice, that brings up an entirely new set of emotions and a different attitude around it.

I’m not interested in evaluating whether or not it can be controlled.  We are extrememly complex humans and there are a thousand reasons why we do what we do and who we are.  I’m interested in making this world an easier place for people to move though just as they are, in the body they are in.

I did do some research and found some statistics and some anecdotal stories, such as: 45% of employers are less likely to recruit a fat candidate.  One woman went to the doctor at 17, weighing 300 pounds, with debilitating menstrual cramps.  The doctor to told her to lose weight by any means necessary and walked out of the room without even examining her.  It took 20 more years before she was diagnosed with endometriosis. TWENTY MORE YEARS.

I know this is going to take me some more digging and more learning.  This is bringing a lot up for me because…I know I have contributed to this.  I know I have not been paying attention.  My war on my own body is part of it.

I encourage you to listen with an open mind.  And if there are emotions that come up for you, be curious about them.

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Enjoy the episode.

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