14: Embracing Our Feely Selves | Nōn

Does anyone else have an issue being honest about how they are?  About naming their feelings?  Even just being honest with yourself.  I have this knee jerk idea that I need to be fine.  Always fine; have everything always handled.  I don’t know where it comes from, but that isn’t normal.  The full rainbow of emotions…that is normal; that should be expected.  But, for some reason the big feely feely stuff is something I really struggle with.

My guest today, Nōn Wels is a new friend and is on a mission to make the world a more feely place.  Nōn has created a community and a safe space for empathy and curiosity around our emotions and our feelings.  Nōn says, “I want people to know and accept and love themselves.” 

Gah…right!?!?  What a mission!  And that means leaning in to all the feels and not beating ourselves up for them.  For me, frustration often seems disingenuous, joy seems too vulnerable, anger seems too out of control.  But to be human is to FEEL.  And I deny myself this luxury so often.

Dismantling Normal was born out of the idea that we accept the things about ourselves that didn’t make it on to the checklist, don’t fit into a box, goes totally against the grain of societal norms.  But, accepting our feelings around these things, understanding them, getting really comfortable with them…that has to come first.  Knowing ourselves is step one.

If you don’t already, you must check out Nōn’s podcast – You, Me, Empathy and The Feely Human Collective, which launched in May.  You can find them on Instagram as well: @youmeempathy and @feelyhuman.  Other really exciting news, Non is now on patreon, so you can get some great extras there too! 

Seriously, with the year we’ve all had…some big feelings, some acceptance, some curiosity…it all totally needs to be on the agenda.  Check in with yourself.  Check in with a friend.  And don’t let anyone get away with “I’m fine” as an answer.  We are not fine.  2020 is not fine.

Enjoy the episode.

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