10: Let’s Talk About Sex | Leah

This is a great conversation, I’ll say that right up front. Talking to Leah was amazing and refreshing. I talk to plenty of friends and family on the podcast who are ready and willing to share their stories. Often, however, I just come across someone on social media — sometimes they have platforms, sometimes they don’t — but if they have something interesting to say or something I’m curious about…I reach out to them.

I found Leah after we’d both joined a facebook group for professional women and when she introduced herself as a Sex Communication Specialist; I was like…well that is kind of awesome.  I wanted to talk to her immediately, and I had so. many. questions.  Not about her profession, per se, but I was interested in HOW she ended up doing what she was doing.  I don’t know about you, but I have yet to ask anyone what they want to be when they grow up or what their plans are after school and hear – “I’m planning on focusing on sex.”  And I don’t expect I ever will, so I wanted to hear this story.  And it is a great story–from how her childhood shaped her thoughts and experiences around sex to the awakening and experiences that led her to counsel others on better communication around sex.  Like Leah says, we just aren’t taught to ask for what we want.

After we wrapped our call, I thought to myself, I can see why Leah is so good at what she does.  Her approach is straightforward and really centers around empowerment.  Yes, the topic is sex, which our society deems so taboo it’s unreal.  We don’t want to talk about sex, yet we all want it, and often expect it, to be mind blowing. Leah really approaches sexual experiences and communication as another area where you can learn how to stand up as the worthy person you are and determine the kind of life you want, in this case, the kind of sex-life you want.  She talks about asking for what you want and need, facing the things we were never taught or facing the things we WERE taught that keep us from getting what we want. And that the universal thing everyone she’s worked with wants to know is: Am I normal?  Is that not a heartbreaking question, yet one we all repeatedly ask ourselves in one way or another in all areas of our life?  Am I normal?  Leah and I talk about how that sits right up there with, “Am I enough?”.

Leah has her own podcast called: Good Girls Talk about Sex, I highly recommend it.  You can also find Leah on Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy the episode.

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