18: Too Much of a Good Thing | Meaghan

Hello again! It has been a while. Too long? Too short? Or just the right amount of time? Byron Katie would say the latter. ANY-hoo…I’ve been wracking my brain over the last couple of months in terms of what to do with this podcast. I no longer have the time I used to thanks to a beautiful, amazing addition to our family. And quite frankly, having a podcast and social media accounts with the name “Dismantling Normal” has felt quite heavy over the last year and a half. I felt I need to have a articulate, well thought, well crafted opinion on each and every issue. And well, spoiler alert, I don’t. The experiences and interactions I’ve had over the last few months have made me softer in some ways and harder in others; they’ve made me waiver where I once felt solid and stand right where I once felt unsure. I also had a critical realization recently that led me to re-record this episode for the umpteenth time (my mom used to say “I’ve told you umpteen times…” and I never knew if that was a real word or not – spell check is not flagging me, so I guess it is.) because I kept having more to say. So, here’s the cliff note version of my little chat (this is the part where you either decide to listen or scroll on– I’ll do my best to give you a good picture so your decision is easy, one way or another):

  • My critical realization and the two precipitating events/conversations leading up to it.
  • Ease and intention and rest
  • The reasons personal growth is no longer serving me and what I want instead.
  • Social media, which will forever be a love / hate for me. And this changes multiple times a day. (No, I did not watch The Social Experiment. I do not need to be told I am addicted)
  • I discuss the future of the podcast and about writing and how that fits in and will come back to life.

As I’m typing these bullets, I’m realizing how “me” focused this episode is. And, I could re-word it to sound more like it is about you, but I’m not going to. This is how I’m showing up today; this is how I’m taking up space. This episode is all about me. AND ALSO, I think you will find pieces of yourself in here too. Because, what I know for sure is…I’m never the only one.

Enjoy my ramblings and musings :).

2 comments on “18: Too Much of a Good Thing | Meaghan

  1. Laura Winters says:

    You have stuck with/followed through with the things that really matter:

    1) Being authentic, real, approachable
    2) Genuine interest in others
    3) Commitment to people you love
    4) Courageously exploring interests
    5) Following paths of curiosities

    It’s not that you haven’t “followed through”…not everyone needs to cross some prescribed finish line. You affect others simply because of who you are. Sit with that and find some peace with it. You, Meaghan, are a gift! However you choose to proceed will be the “right” thing to do. 🙂

  2. megbeautifulcrazy says:

    Thank you Laura. You cannot know how much I appreciate your words and your thoughtfulness. I’m slowly reaching a truce with the idea of never crossing some arbitrary finish line — we haven’t become friends yet, but I think we’ll get there. LOL. Mostly, I’m trying to find peace in the mess of it all, I’m not sure we can relax until we can embrace and enjoy the magic in the mess.

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